The Christmas Story

(I wrote this poem/prayer for my daughter for her first Christmas, several years ago now)

Now listen, dear child, to the following Christmas story,

No metaphor, tall tale, nor mere allegory.

A critic may complain about my meter and my rhyme,

But scorn for form is not my concern at this time.

Instead I wish that this poem will be a mirror,

In order to reflect the Christmas story clearer.

I promise you I believe that this story is true.

The story is old, but each year we tell it anew.

For each and every cold and dark December,

The most essential thing we must remember,

Is that the holy day of Christmas means,

So much more than bright lights of reds and greens.

It’s more than a time that we should be kind and pleasant.

It’s even more than Santa and your favorite present.


Before we get too deep, there are some things first to know.

They will help the story make more sense, even if they hinder flow.

It is sometimes said that God can do anything; but that’s a minor fiction.

For the one thing God cannot do is complete a contradiction.

At the time God made the angels, He chose to make them free,

But in doing so He opened up a weakness plain for all to see.

For to allow angels to be free, God needed to hang back,

And took a risk by doing so, as it allowed evil to attack.

What’s that you ask? Why would God do such a thing?

It’s the only way His Kingdom He could bring.


His Kingdom is a realm of love and to love one must be free,

So the only way for love to exist is to allow the chance for evil to be.

And soon it happened that an angel did wrong and fell,

Into the strange dominion that on earth we know as Hell.

Now remember that because it is crucial in what I tell,

But now I turn to a moment before bad times befell.


God made the sun and made the moon,

The plants and animals would follow soon.

And to crown creation He made woman and man,

Free as the angels, He bid us be, we are a part of His great plan.

But the Fallen Angel helped turn us against God’s design,

A terrible thing! Evil was multiplying.


God now rose to action, and a battle began,

One looking very closely could see His guiding hand.

He protected a certain people – they are called the Jews,

And through these hardy people, He would bring us our Good News.

To the Promised Land God brought them, and to us it is a sign,

Of another Promised Land, that can be yours and mine.

But in order for God to save us from Adam and Eve’s sin,

We have to make the choice, to freely let God in.


Our story now comes to its point, and we meet the woman Mary,

The angel Gabriel appeared to her, and it must have seemed quite scary.

All Heaven was arrayed and the feeling there was fervent,

And all were soon elated when Mary proclaimed to be God’s servant.

For from the Fall a tear between God and Man was rendered,

But the split began to heal once the Son of God had entered.


O Mary, Brave Mary, may your courage teach us all,

How trust in God can remedy the deepest of our Falls.

And from Mary’s trust in God it was that Jesus Christ was born,

Which is what we truly celebrate every Christmas morn.

For Christ’s coming taught us all that the God that’s up above,

Is first and to the utmost a God who is filled with love.

Merry Christmas my dear child, may you remember this story,

And to the King of all, we give all of the glory.