Over at Ordinary Times, I’ve got a post up about Whataboutism. An excerpt:

“One person alleges that the position on X is not the right position.  In response, the whataboutist seeks to shield that position by pointing to some other alleged wrong by another in an attempt to excuse one’s own alleged wrong.  Instead of reasoning together to work toward “what is the right position here?” the argument turns instead to, in essence, “it doesn’t matter if my position on X is wrong because your position on Y is wrong, and that makes you worse.” It can easily become a race to the bottom in terms of what our laws ought to be, where we purport to justify our own wrong positions by alleging “well, at least I’m not so bad as him.”  And in such cases, we forget that we are not the real victims; those individuals impacted by the policies are.”


Read the full piece at Ordinary Times